ICA21 Showcase

The lab is excited to share six presentations at ICA21 this year, including one project that earned a Top Paper award. Our projects cover a range of topics including empirical investigations into the neural and physiological basis of flow and a computational modeling investigation into media selection. We also have theoretical papers on the biological basis of political ideology, costless signaling theory, and information theory. NB: The links only work for registered ICA21 attendees.

Bulat, B. & Huskey, R. Biological Roots of Political Ideology.

Gong, J., Huskey, R., Eden, A., & Ulusoy, E. People Prefer Negatively-Valenced Movies in a Two-Alternative Movie Decision Task: A Drift Diffusion Modeling Approach for Testing Mood Management Theory.

Huskey, R., Keene, J, Wilcox, S., Gong, J., Adams, R., & Najera, C. Flexible and Modular Brain Network Dynamics Characterize Flow Experiences During Media Use: A Mechanistic Inquiry Into Content Dynamics and Well-Being. Top Paper

Keene, J., Najera, C., Barley, K., Terrell, P., Gauthreaux, R., Bohaty, E., & Huskey, R. Examining the Effort Paradox in Flow: Determining the Psychophysiological Signature of Flow.

Oh, Y. J. & Huskey, R. Applying Information Theory in Human Communication: A Biological Perspective.

Zhong, Q. & Huskey, R. Cheaper but Better? An Evolutionary Approach to Costless Signaling in Communication Theories.