Richard to Keynote UC Davis Cognitive Science Event

Richard Huskey will keynote an upcoming event hosted by the UC Davis Cognitive Science Program. Huskey’s talk is titled: “What can video games tell us about the brain?” In this talk, he will discuss how his lab uses video games and other naturalistic stimuli to better understand brain function. An abstract for this talk is posted below. Hope to see you there!

Cognitive scientists want to understand how the brain enables the mind and we have made substantial progress toward this goal. However, we are starting to realize that many of the experimental procedures we use are very unnatural. The result is that we have a good understanding of how minds work in the lab, but less clarity about how minds work in the real world. My lab uses video games to overcome this challenge. In this talk, I’ll show how video games can be used to unlock new insights into mental processes such as attention, reward, and cognitive control.

Download the talk slides.