Dr. Bob Glushko To Lecture at UC Davis

Dr. Bob Glushko (UCSD) will visit UC Davis in Spring Quarter to talk about his life and career in cognitive science. The lecture is sponsored by the Cognitive Science Program at UC Davis.

April 7, 12:00 – 1:30pm, Alumni Center, Founders Room

A Career Viewed in the Rearview Mirror: Lessons Learned and Lessons Ignored

Dr. Bob Glushko

Since receiving my Ph.D. from UCSD in 1979, I’ve worked in “big company” applied research, for a boutique consulting firm, as an independent consultant, as a co-founder of two Silicon Valley start-ups, as an engineering director for the company that bought my second start-up, and as an adjunct professor at UC Berkeley. It felt at times that I was impatient, too opportunistic, and undisciplined in zig-zagging a career. But as I look back now over four decades, I can discover or impose a lot more sense about the decisions I made. Most of them turned out pretty well, so I’m willing to suggest some lessons learned and to warn about the smaller number of lessons I should have learned but ignored.

Congratulations to Noah!

Congratulations to Noah Vinoya, who has accepted a PhD position in the Department of Communication at Stanford University under the supervision of Dr. Gabriella Harari. We are so very proud of you, Noah, and look forward to your continued accomplishments!

Richard Huskey Featured on The Backdrop Podcast

Whether it’s an athlete performing at their best or a musician taking it to another level, flow feels good and is good for our well-being. And the best part — pretty much anyone can attain it. Evidence suggests flow can ward off depression, prevent burnout and make us more resilient.

In this episode, Richard Huskey, a UC Davis assistant professor of communication and cognitive science, explains the flow state, how he and other researchers are piecing together how it can be achieved and what is going on in the brain when it happens.