Lab to Present at NCA19

The Cognitive Communication Science Lab is presenting research at the annual meeting of the National Communication Association in Baltimore, MD. Members of the lab helped organize the Getting Results that Survive: Improving Communication Science pre-conference (OSF). Talks include:

Huskey, R. Do we need to rethink data sharing? (2019, November). Wednesday, 11/13 343 (300 Level) Baltimore Convention Center 8:30am

Huskey R., Couture Bue, A., Eden, A., Grall, C., Meshi, D., Prena, K., Schmälzle, R., Scholz, C., Turner, B., & Wilcox, S. (2019, November). Is Communication Neuroscience Just Another Subfield in an Already Crowded Discipline? 11/14, Paca (Third Level) Hilton 5:00pm